North American Climate Services Partnerships - 2015 Accomplishments Report

  • 1 April 2016
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An innovative trilateral partnership between the U.S., Mexico and Canada - was established to respond to an increasing demand for accessible and timely scientific data and information in order to make informed decisions and build resilience in our communities. Building from a strong foundation of existing continental-scale collaboration, the NACSP provides a platform for improving the development of products and services through international collaboration. Activities in the NACSP include enhancing prediction and modeling capabilities, strengthening products tailored for specific sectors, and responding to user needs in key regional settings.

This one-page summary highlights key NACSP accomplishments during 2015, as well as some key goals for collaboration in 2016. 

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Americans’ health, security and economic wellbeing are tied to climate and weather. Every day, we see communities grappling with environmental challenges due to unusual or extreme events related to climate and weather. In 2011, the United States experienced a record high number (14) of climate- and weather-related disasters where overall costs reached or exceeded $1 billion. Combined, these events claimed 670 lives, caused more than 6,000 injuries, and cost $55 billion in damages. Businesses, policy leaders, resource managers and citizens are increasingly asking for information to help them address such challenges.


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