CarbonTracker-CH4: An assimilation system for estimating emissions of atmospheric methane

  • 1 September 2014
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CarbonTracker methane, an off-shoot of NOAA's highly successful CarbonTracker, has earned peer-reviewed status with a recent paper in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

The NOAA CarbonTracker-CH4 Data Assimilation Product has been developed as a companion product to NOAA's CarbonTracker (CO2), with the goal of producing quantitative estimates of emissions of methane to the atmosphere from natural and anthropogenic sources for North America and the rest of the world. CarbonTracker-CH4 emission estimates are consistent with observed patterns of CH4 in the atmosphere.   

A recent paper partly supported by CPO’s AC4 program represents the first peer-reviewed documentation of this effort. A copy of the publication can be found at:

To learn more about CarbonTracker-CH4, visit:




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